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St Lucia Yact Services

Tours Inc offer Professional Yacht Services to all yachts and their crew arriving in St Lucia.

Whether you need repairs organised, crew changed, parts cleared, mail and courier services, concierge, provisioning or complete office services, we understand the importance of quick turnarounds and are happy to help.

St Lucia Yacht Services staff have extensive knowledge and experience in the yachting industry and are ready to assist all yachts whatever their need, helping to make their stay in St Lucia as enjoyable as possible.

St Lucia Yacht Services Agent

Tours Inc Yacht Services is well known throughout the World for its Shoreside Support Services. We are part of a worldwide network of businesses committed to serving Superyachts worldwide.

Whatever your request the staff at St Lucia Millionaire’s Concierge Yacht Services can be relied on to provide quick results.

Whether you need new crew, parts received or redirected, VIP requests, repairs organised for tight turnarounds, island information or concierge services, provisioning, Jane’s team lives up to any challenge.

Having been in the Yachting Industry for most of their lives, the staff at St Lucia Millionaire’s Concierge Yacht Services understands the importance of quick and efficient services, they are ready to assist all yachts whatever their need, helping to make their stay in St Lucia as hasslefree as possible.

We strongly believe in working hard to make a difference for the better to the Yachting Industry in St Lucia.

Crew Placement

Tours Inc Yacht Services offers a complete Crew Placement Service. Whether you are looking to fill a position aboard your yacht or if you are looking for a position on board, our ethic is to: ‘place the right person onboard the right yacht’.

Our rates are also more than competitive as we believe in being of service to ALL yachts whatever their size.

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Customs Parts Clearance

Our Customs Agent will clear packages that are detained in customs. They understand the importance of time schedules and are always ready to help.

Prices vary according to the shipment but our prices are renowned as being exceptionally competitive.

Parts Clearance:

All packages for yachts are duty free.

Customs in St Lucia are extremely strict and monitor EVERYTHING that comes onto the island.  If packages are labeled clearly ‘Documents with no commercial value’ they should not be detained in customs.  If they are yacht spares with a value above US$100, they will be detained and we will have to have them cleared by our broker.

These packages will incur the brokerage fee but NO duties.

It is best to consolidate all your packages and have them sent down in one consignment with one Airway Bill Number as the broker charges per consignment not per package.


Courier Service

We dispatch DHL, UPS, Liat Quick Pak, FedEx and receive any courier shipment.

Mail Drop:

We will receive your mail free of charge at either of our addresses. If you move on, we do have a mail forwarding service.

We pick up packages from the main Post Office Tuesdays and Thursdays and charge a small fee for this service.

Redirect charge US$20.00 + postage.

Courier Address:

St Lucia Yacht Services Office Facilities


We have a small stationery display with general office supplies including photocopy paper, cartridges etc. If we do not have it in stock, you can place your order with us and we will have it within a day or two.

Services available:

>>  Phone

>> Photocopies

>>  Typing

>>  Scanning

>>  Printing

>> Fax

Gas Filling

If your gas cylinders need filling, please have them in our office before 10am TUESDAY or THURSDAY and we will have them filled and back in our office around 4pm the same day.

If you have a problem getting the cylinder to our office, please do not hesitate to call us and we will try to make arrangements to pick it up.


MHG Insurance Agent

Application and Information ( – opens in a new window


Provisioning Services

Tours Inc’s Yacht Services provide a provisioning service which we tailor to your individual needs. Using our local knowledge and extensive experience of yacht provisioning, we can help you with those tight turnarounds schedules. Our prices are local prices, so there are no crazy transport fees.

Yacht Management

When you wish to leave your yacht in St Lucia, be it for a week or a season; have it looked after by professionals.

Tours Inc’s Yacht Services offer a complete service to absent owners where our licensed Captains act as guardians and managers if you have to leave your yacht or need work to be supervised.